I attended Colby College in Waterville, Maine from 1956 until graduation in 1960. Below is an aerial view of the Mayflower Hill campus, outside of town. Several years ago, partly from the acquisition of the latest Alumni Directory - and greatly assisted by this new-fangled technology of personal computers and email, I reconnected with several close friends from those days. We hadn't stayed in contact because each of our lives went in totally different directions immediately after graduation. In the fall of 1999, however, we began what has become an annual reunion of the "Colby Crowd" (small crowd), consisting of Roger Brown, Art Calfee, Bill Todd and me.  We've convened at a variety of venues - a recap of which follows.

Fall 1999 - Cumberland, Maine, home of Bill and Terri Todd
Spring 2000 - Waterville Maine, 40 Year Reunion at Colby
Spring 2001 - New Orleans, home of John and Gail Bailey
Summer 2002 - Providence, home of Roger Brown
Fall 2003 - Falmouth, Cape Cod, home of Art and Booje Calfee