This is Molly - a Border Collie, whom we adopted at about the age of 18 months to 2 years. She's about 14 now, and still very youthful and healthy, and very sweet. She's very happy to be a Bailey, and living with "The Great Chefs of Mandeville". Smokey (shown at bottom left with Molly, and Bubba (below right) were adopted as kittens just 10 days before we adopted Molly. They had been abandoned in a trash can, and discovered there by someone with enough caring to turn them over to our vet. We were visiting there one day, and the staff, knowing we were "childless" brought them out. Smokey picked out Gail, and we picked out Bubba and brought them both home on the spot. When Molly came into the house shortly thereafter, they all became fast friends. Unfortunately, Bubba was only with us two years; he got sick rather suddenly and died just before Thanksgiving, 2000.
Top Left and middle left - Molly

Middle right - Bubba

Bottom Left - Smokey and Molly

Bottom Right - Smokey

In the spring of 2009, Smokey underwent cancer surgery, and came through with flying colors
Molly has since passed away. Click here.

Smokey has since passed away, only a few months after Molly