Stanton Sherman Bailey (in1965 at age 65)
Muriel Lyon Gardner Bailey (Left: in wedding dress; Right: as young girl
Left: Gardner Stanton Bailey, DOB June 2, 1936, Roanoke, Virginia
Right: John Nichols Bailey, DOB February 5, 1939, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Four Generations,
photographed in Milford, Connecticut,  September, 1939.
 Standing: Clifford N. Gardner, our Grandfather.
Our Family Tree
We were always told one of our ancestors is Benjamin Franklin.

Click here...see the resemblance?

Clifford and Ethel Gardner - grandparents on our mother’s side. Better known as - - -

“Mamie and Granpop”

Mom, in August 1939, with Gardner (left) at 3 years, and me (right) at 6 months