My Navy “career” began in January, 1961 at Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island.  On May 12 of that year, the Navy made me an Ensign.  This is what I looked like then.  I was assigned to stay around Newport another six weeks or so, attending Naval Justice School, learning to become a “sea lawyer”.  Earlier, prior to graduation from OCS, each candidate had what was called a billet interview. This is when you got an opportunity to indicate what kind of duty assignment you wanted. While waiting for my interview, I was reading a copy of Naval Institute Proceedings article about Navy icebreakers, so I expressed a curiosity about them. You guessed it - after Justice School, I was sent to an icebreaker.
Edisto pictured doing what she does in Antarctica
I reported aboard Edisto (homeport Boston) in July, '61 and stayed about a year. The only significant deployment I was aboard for was an Arctic trip that summer, supporting the supplying of some far north DEW Line (Distant Early Warning) radar stations in Greenland, and doing some oceanographic research. Every other year Edisto sailed to the Antarctic in support of Operation Deep Freeze, but I wasn't fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be aboard for one of those trips.
Certificate received for crossing Arctic Circle, August 26, 1961